Acrylic Tray (55x55x7cm + FREE Effect Board)

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💦 Want to add some moisture to your shoot but don't know how 💦? The Acrylic Tray is your answer. A water ripple effect can be achieved by adding some water, props, and your product, then dip finger and shoot away! ✔️ Or if you just want a surface to create a mess without introducing distracting lines?✔️ Want to create complex and elusive shadow patterns? just create a disturbance and shine some light through ✔️

For a good match, check out Acrylic Props to double down on reflections or check out our Resin Props for the ideal built-to-last waterproof prop ready for a bath (on a budget? or Foam Props works too, but make sure your product is heavy enough to hold it down).

The tray is a water seal container made of transparent Acrylic sized to be used with small products like jewelry and cosmetic. The corners are sealed with an Acrylic bonding agent that makes sure that the water stay in and your set stays dry.

Material: Clear Acrylic

Product Size: 55x55x7 cm, Acrylic Thickness 3mm or 5mm